Using Interac to deposit


To confirm if this payment method is available in your country, log in to your account and go to the Cashier.

What is Interac?

Interac is a Canadian Interbank that allows you to deposit funds online to your user account without disclosing your financial details.

When using Interac, you can choose from three different options:

Interac Online

This is an immediate, secure, and easy-to-use online payment method. When you pay for online purchases with Interac Online, you don't share any of your financial details with us or any third parties. Your financial institution settles the payment directly with us using established and secure banking procedures.

Interac e-Transfer

This is a convenient way to send, request, and receive money directly from one bank account to another. All you need is to have access to online or mobile banking through your financial institution. You can send money to your user account using an email address, a mobile phone number, or a Canadian bank account number without sharing any personal financial information.

Interac e-Transfer Request

Interac e-Transfer Request is similar to Interac e-Transfer (nothing changes on our Cashier). The main benefit is that all the data required to complete the transaction is pre-populated and can't be edited, this helps to avoid mismatch errors. Using this option, you'll have the recipient name, recipient contact, message from recipient, and the amount pre-populated. To use Interac e-Transfer Request, you'll need to set up online banking with your bank.

We don't charge any fees for using Interac, but your bank may.

How do I deposit with Interac?

To deposit with Interac, follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to your user account and go to the Cashier. If you're using our website or our mobile app:
    Web Cashier
  2. Under the Deposit tab, select 'More Payment Methods' to see all available options.
  3. Select 'Interac'.
  4. Choose your preferred currency (if applicable).
  5. Select one of the suggested deposit amounts or enter a different one in the 'Other' field.
  6. Enter your Deposit Bonus code (if available).
  7. Select the green arrow.
  8. Select 'Continue' to be redirected to our processor's secure site.
  9. Select your bank and then the Interac option you want to use:
    Interac Online:Select your bank again to be redirected to your online banking and complete the transaction.
    Interac e-Transfer:Select your bank again to be redirected to your online banking and complete the transaction. When using this option, please don't change the deposit amount on your online banking page. Otherwise, the transaction will fail, and it will take several days for the funds to return to your bank account. If you'd like to deposit a different amount, make a new deposit request for that amount following the instructions above.
    Interac e-Transfer Request:Select your bank again to be redirected to your online banking. You'll see your bank details pre-populated. Just confirm the transaction.
  10. You'll then return to your user account.

Once the bank verifies the transaction, they'll debit the funds from your bank account and credit them to your user account.

Why can't I deposit?

Here are the most common reasons for a declined deposit:

  • The information entered was incorrect. If so, double-check your information and try again.
  • There was a mismatch between the deposit amount requested in the Cashier and the amount entered on your bank's side. Try again, ensuring that both amounts match.
  • You haven't created an online banking account yet. If this is the case, speak directly to your bank to confirm whether your online banking account is created and active.
  • There are insufficient funds to cover the transaction.
  • The transaction wasn't completed in time. This can happen if the browser window was closed before the transaction was completed.
  • Temporary connection problems. Try to deposit again later.

I haven't received a deposit confirmation

If you confirmed your payment on your online banking page but didn't get redirected to a confirmation page, this means there was a technical problem, and one of two things might have happened:

  • We received your payment, but for some reason, you're unable to see the confirmation page.
  • We didn't receive your payment, and you'll need to try again.

To confirm whether your deposit was completed, check to see if you received a confirmation email from us. Or, check whether the deposit shows on your transaction history on our Cashier. If it is, then the transaction was successful.

If your deposit hasn't been completed, the funds should be credited back to your bank account within minutes. If you see any debit in your bank statement, this will be refunded directly by Gigadat.


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