What is rake?

Rake is a small fee we charge for providing our services.

How is rake charged in Cash Games?

In Cash Games, rake depends on the stakes, game type, and the number of players at the table. At lower limits, we take a smaller rake that will never exceed a capped amount. We also don’t take a rake if no flop is dealt, also known as "no flop, no drop".

For the full list of rake rates, visit our Poker Table Rake page.

How is rake charged in tournaments?

In tournaments, the rake is charged when registering and is usually part of the buy-in. You can find out what the rake is for a tournament in the tournament lobby under the ‘Structure’ tab.

Rake can also be applied to rebuys and add-ons, but there is no per-hand rake charged in tournaments.

Where can I see the total rake I've paid?

To get an estimate of the total rake you've paid, you can use third-party poker analysis software (as we don't offer this service). The analysis software provides detailed statistics and play information, including the amount of rake paid. Many of these programs offer free trials.

If you plan to use one of these programs, you'll need all of your real money hand histories. If you haven’t saved them to your hard drive yet, let us know, and we’ll send them to you.


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