Prize multipliers and prize pool distribution

Before every Spin & Go starts, we'll randomly multiply the buy-in by one of the following coefficients, in order to determine the total prize pool:

  • 2 x
  • 3 x
  • 5 x

If the multiplier hits one of these first three levels, the Spin & Go will be played in a winner-take-all format, so only the winner claims the total prize pool.

  • 10 x

If the multiplier hits 10 x, the prize pool is split with 80% going to the winner and 20% to the second-place finisher.

  • 25 x

Here, 80% goes to the winner, 12% to the second-place finisher, and 8% goes to third place.

  • 120 x
  • 240 x
  • 12,000 x

In the top three prize tiers, the second and third-place finishers will each receive 10% of the total prize.

There are predetermined odds of any multiplier hitting, with the lower levels occurring more frequently. Check our website for more detailed information.


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